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There's nothing more frustrating than pushing your vacuum cleaner along and watching it nudge the dust along, instead of sucking it up. Put the dustpan and brush away, and pick up the phone. You'll be surprised how inexpensive our repairs are.

Re-invigorate your vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are becoming ever more powerful and sophisticated. But that also means there's more that can go wrong. If your vacuum loses its suck, call J B Domestics Essex Ltd. We can repair or replace:

•  Motors and switches

•  Hoses and filters

•  Vacuum belts and dust bags

Whether you have a Hoover, a Henry, or a Dyson, we can repair them for you. Phone

Vacuum cleaner repairs carried out under warranty

Do your appliances carry a Domestic & General warranty? They're the UK's leading supplier of warranties on white goods. We're an approved contractor, thanks to the quality of our work.

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