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Call us for a free quotation. Our repairs are always completed on schedule and within the agreed budget. We don't believe in nasty surprises. With your dishwasher working again, we'll keep your hands out of hot water.

Save money with our dishwasher repairs

Dishwashers save you time. J B Domestics Essex Ltd can save you money. if your dishwasher is inoperative, you won't have to buy a new one. We can repair dishwasher faults of all kinds, including:

•  Faulty detergent dispensers

•  Non functioning spray arms

•  Leaks and blockages

We can repair your dishwasher at a price that you'll find hard to believe. Call us on

Expert knowledge of all the leading brands

You won't have to worry that our technicians won't know how to fix your make of dishwasher. We have experience in repairing all major brands, from Ariston to Zanussi.

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