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Cooker repairs aren't as expensive than you might think. We pride ourselves on offering great service at outstanding value for money. Call us today, for a free quote. You won't have to buy a new cooker.

Return your oven to perfect condition

You're proud of your culinary skills, but if your oven isn't working as it should even Delia would struggle. Say goodbye to uneven cooking. J B Domestics Essex Ltd carry out a wide range of cooker repairs, including:

•  Grills that don't work

•  Thermostat problems, and temperature irregularities

•  Motor and ignition repairs

You don't have to put up with an oven that's unreliable, we can make it as good as new. Call

All types of cookers repaired and maintained

Whether your appliance is a convection oven with radiant heat sources or fan assisted, electric or gas, our expert engineers can fix it. We cover all makes and models, old and new.

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